Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey Cupcake! Review

We have driven by the new Hey Cupcake! stand in Oak Hill and finally dropped by to see what it was all about. I have heard several people say they were amazing cupcakes, so we had to check it out.

With one store front and four other location "on wheels" in and around Austin; business does not seem to be too bad. I think the idea is cleaver, especially in a town like Austin. If you haven't seen one of these stands, basically the menu consists of 7 cupcakes, drinks and other gift items (shirt, hat, gift card).

Kari ordered The Standard and Red Velvet. We tried both and to be honest weren't very impressed. The Standard left a funny after taste in my mouth, none that I desire in a cupcake. The price seems a little high as well. Coming in at $2.50, that will be the last $5.00 I will spent at Hey Cupcake!.

With a little quality improvement in the flavor of the cupcakes, this little business would be smokin', but until than, it is just and average, quirky desert joint in Austin.

Have a great day.

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