Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Hellums Number Two Update

The ultrasound was so much fun. I have been looking forward to March 17th for awhile (not due to St. Patrick's Day; I did wear green though).

The tech went right to work, so fast, I didn't even catch his name. The tech said, "I will do all the measurements first and than show you the screen." He squirted the nasty gel stuff on and went to work. Landon and I found a spot behind the tech so we could get a good look at the screen. I asked, "Do you mind if I stand here?" I don't recall the response, but I held my position.

At first I didn't know what he was looking at, but than I started to see little body parts including: the heart, neck and head. He was doing some initial measurements and I watched him measure the heart and counted the chambers. It is so amazing to see the growth of a baby at 18 weeks.

The tech moved the instrument around and all of a sudden I saw something very fimilar. I exclaimed, "That's a peepee, we're having another boy!" After my outburst the tech lightened up a little and started chatting with us. We got several great pictures of Baby Hellums Number Two. The tech told us he is about 8 ounces now and everything looked good.

Landon fell asleep about half way into the appointment. He got a little bored, but what do you expect he is only 8 months old. I snapped a picture of him sleeping on my chest. He is so precious.

As you might remember from Landon, we will announce Baby Hellums Number Two's name online the day of the birth. If you happen to chat with us in person and really want to know, we are likely to tell you because we are very excited.

Please continue to pray for my family and Baby Hellums Number Two. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support.

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Penny said...

yay! I'm so excited to meet baby boy no. 2! Whoo hoo!!!