Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Three Year Anniversary, Kari

Today marks our three year anniversary. It has been a very fun ride so far and I look forward to it becoming even better. We have been blessed to have our first son, Landon Jeremy on July 4th and are expecting Baby Hellums Number Two in August.

I will never forgot when Kari Davenport walked into Miles Auditorium at Highland Lakes Camp and introduced herself to me. She was wearing her finest clothing, summer work clothes: boy shorts and an old t-shirt. For the record, I was on the ladder working while two of my buddies watched me.
Kari: "Hey, is that a Texas A&M wristband?" (back when the Lance Armstrong wristbands were popular and everyone under the sun made one).

Jeremy: "No! (with disdain) It is Texas State."

Kari: "Oh well, I thought it was A&M. I am Kari Davenport.
The rest of the details in my head are a bit sketchy, but I won't forget those words, her smile, and confidence.

I am thankful to have her as my bride and best friend. I pray that we continue to draw near to one another and the Lord together for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary.

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