Friday, March 05, 2010

Just Landon & I

This weekend Kari is going to a Lady's Retreat, so Landon and I are holding down the fort. We dropped Mommy off yesterday evening and headed back to camp. He basically cried the whole way home and threw up on himself. About 15 minutes from the house, he feel asleep.

Due to the vomit, I tossed him in the bathtub and we played for a little bit. He loves the bathtub, but is not satisfied with just "swimming" on his belly. Landon has to stand up in the tub, explore and cause me to worry about him hitting his head (which he does).

I got him dressed and bedtime was quickly approaching. He took his last bottle of the evening and quickly fell asleep. It was a great night and I got plenty of sleep.

Currently he is napping, maybe it will be one of those two hour naps I have been hearing about. It has been a great day off with my son and I am excited and looking forward to the rest of the weekend with him.

I have a special prayer request: Kari's Aunt Eve was just diagnosed with cancer. Eve is an amazing mother of three little ones who depend on her a ton. Her husband, John, is not taking it so well, so please pray for healing and comfort for John and Eve.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Also keep Kari, Landon and I in your prayers as she attends the retreat and Landon and I spend our first weekend solo.

God Bless.

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