Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day with the Family

Wednesday was my day off and it sure was an amazing day off.

I can't remember the last time I had a nap, but yesterday I took a two hour nap. WOW! I didn't even realize I was that tired.

Later that evening, we weren't sure what to do about dinner. After much discussion, we decided to get out of the house. We headed to the Lakeway Chick-fil-A and enjoyed an interesting meal.

Landon ate like a champ. He is to the point now, we can stab a piece of food for him with a fork and he does the rest. After he was done eating he decided to gag himself. We are trying dissuade this action, but last night he was successful. As I was picking him up he lost his dinner all over my white shirt. I really could do nothing but laugh. I asked the Chick-fil-A guy for a new shirt. He stared into my eyes with confusion and than slowly made looked down at my vomit shirt. It was too funny.

I cleaned up and took Landon out to the playground. I was very impressed with the safety of the playground. Landon got into a few things on ground level and than found the slide. He started up the tunnel slide. Below is the video footage of his second attempt in the slide. He made it successfully three times and the third time he flew up the slide, I barely could keep up.

Today I went home for a few minutes, long enough to get in the door and allow Landon to walk across the living room to my arms for the first time. I can now officially say Landon is now walking. It has been an amazing eleven months watching him grow and learn. Enjoy the video. God Bless.


Lana said...

Jeremy, this has made my day. Landon is a winner. He made to the top!! And I LOL when he turned around and smiled those couple of times. He is a huggy bear for sure and has wonderful parents.

Jackie Lura said...

So cute! The video of Landon laughing hard is awesome!

Jackie Lura said...

So Cute! and the video of Landon laughing hard is awesome!

jayiin mistaya said...

I knew you and Kari would make awesome parents - I'm looking forward to seeing y'all when I come out there this summer!