Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kari and An Update

Happy Birthday, Kari.

Yesterday Landon had his annual checkup. After answering several questions about Landon's vocabulary and other skills, our doctor informed us that Landon is on a 16 month on skill level. He is completely clear of his ear infections and is getting two new teeth; one of the new teeth is a molar. He received two shots and had blood drawn and took all three needle pricks like a champ. The only time he cried was when he chewed the bandaid off his thumb and Kari took it out of his mouth.

After arriving 15 minutes late to Landon's appointment and being told we would have to wait to see the doctor, we told the office staff that we had another appointment for Baby Hellums Number Two shortly after. The office staff spoke we the doctor and we were in and out of Landon's doctor in record time.

At Kari's appointment we learned that she was a little over 2 cm dilated and half effaced. What does this all mean...Baby Hellums Number Two is getting ready to make his appearance. On the way home Kari started experiencing contractions and the thought of having him yesterday was on the front of our minds. We made several "just in case" phone calls and talked to our friends Rod and Dana about coming over in the middle of the night if she went into labor. After about two hours, the intense contractions subsided and the concern lowered.

It was a great day at the doctors. Only about 3 more days until we meet Baby Hellums Number Two. We are scheduled to arrive in Round Rock at 5:30 am; which means we will be leaving the camp at 4:15amish.

Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless.

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