Sunday, August 08, 2010

August 2nd - Play by Play

Monday morning started early for Kari and I. We had to be in Round Rock at 5:30am and it takes an hour from camp to get to the hospital. We left at 4:17am with Kari's mother, Ruth, following us. (Sidenote: traffic on 620 at that time of morning is amazing).

We arrived at the hospital without any problems and were in Labor and Delivery by 5:30am. We were greeted by a familiar nurse and were very anxious to meet Logan. The nurses completed the prep work by 6am and told us to relax because the doctor wouldn't be in until 7:15am or so. My mom and Aunt Martha arrived at about 6am, so we were able to pass time with family.

At about 7:25am, they rolled Kari back to the operating room. As I waited with my mom, the clock stood still. They said it would only be about 15 minutes, but I am sure it was two hours. In reality it was about 40 minutes. I went back about 7:50am. While we were separated, Kari was in some serious pain. The anesthesiologist had inserted the spinal block with much screaming and groaning. It hurt her so bad, they had to stop and allow Kari to catch her breath. During post procedure we asked the anesthesiologist why it hurt so bad and he did not have any explanation.

At 8:11am Logan Earl was born. Dr. Leath retrieved Logan and he cried the most beautiful sobs. I watched as she cut his umbilical cord and once he was free Dr. Leath presented him to Kari and I. From across the room I gazed upon our little boy and he had many distinct characteristics of his mommy. He has a little hair, brownish around the crown of his head and light blonde hair on top. He his two dimples under his bottom lip, just like his older brother Landon. On day two his baby pictures started looking like Landon's, so we got several recommendations to start labeling baby pictures now. He has similar characteristics of Landon, but he definitely has his own unique look.

Current: We have been home since Wednesday, Kari has been experiencing some difficulty in her recovery. I say difficulty, but maybe it is more like issues that she did not have with Landon. You can pray for some of these issues and ask the Lord to heal her: Both of her feet our swollen, she is experiencing large bruising and her tummy is continuing to remain hard. If you would please lift these up.

God Bless!

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