Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wasp vs. Man: Part Two

Disclaimer: I do not take my shirt off in this post.

Last Friday morning I was mowing the yard. In our backyard we have two old-school clothes line "T" poles sticking up out of the ground. As I turned the lawn mower around I slammed into the clothes line pole. From out of the dark pipe came at least 20 mahogany wasps. As I realized what was happening, I only knew one thing...


I ran out the backyard, nearly across the street to avoid getting stung by those hacked off mahogany wasps. I caught my breath and assessed the situation:
The yard is not completely mowed; I left the lawn mower running next to the clothes line pole; they are swarming everywhere and I still need to catch my breath.
Thankfully, I recently overcame my fear of poison/wasp spray (I didn't want Landon or Logan to be harmed by it if it was on me, but I since learned they would have to drink a lot or bathe in it to be harmed). I went and got two cans of wasp spray and some foaming insulation stuff to plug to holes and went to work.

I successfully plugged four holes on the two poles and killed approximately 20-30 wasps. The exactly number will never been known, because I sealed many of them inside the pole. I did forget to mention, I accomplished all this, thankfully, without being stung.

Hopefully, this will be the last installment in the Wasp vs, Man series. Have a great day.

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