Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Hellums Christmas Story

A few days ago we spent some time with Cordsen Photography and I said, "I really want to get a shot of Landon playing with the tree."  I would have my opportunity.  Rod looked up and Landon was playing with the tree.  He handed me the camera and I snapped this lame before shot, but what makes it worth while is the after shot.

After I snapped the camera, Landon looked at me and raised the ornament above his head.  Not considering the ornament might be breakable, I did not stop him.  Normally when he put objects above his head, especially spherical (balls), he throws them.

You guessed it, he threw the ornament to the ground and pop!, the ornament was smashed into several pieces.

I hope that everyone is have a great Christmas holiday.  Don't miss out on all the fun that there is to be had.

And for sure don't miss out on what Christmas is about: Christ!  God Bless.

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