Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blog Neglect Plus Some

My poor blog is suffering from a case of Blog Neglect. As most of you can tell, I post about once every two weeks. How sad!

In order to fight Blog Neglect, I plan to post at least once week from this day forward.

As a father of two, I have plenty of stories, so material is not a problem, but time is. Storytime:

Landon brought me a bottle of Miracle Whip. He had taken the lid off and gave it a lick. His body shook from head to toe. After laughing at his response I asked him, "Landon, can you please take that back to the refrigerator?" He looked at me and respond, "Yes sir," and took it back to the fridge. What an awesome moment.

Logan is growing so fast. He is now getting attitude with anyone who takes anything from his hands. It is pretty dramatic, but too funny! Logan is now moving forward on his hands ands knees. It is so exciting to see him lift himself up off the floor and move.

Raising children is so much fun.

God bless.

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jayiin mistaya said...

My blog is very neglected, too. I have SO MUCH stuff I want to write about, but almost no time to sit down and write.

I miss writing so much these days, but, somehow, even though I seem to be getting lots of things done, I can't seem to get time to sit down, light a pipe and write.

Glad to hear you're having so much fun as a parent - I always knew you and Kari would raise the coolest kids.