Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hellums Recent Milestones

The boys are growing way to fast.  Each day brings somethings new!

Just the other day I asked Landon, "Can I nibble on your ear?"  He actually put his ear next to my mouth and I gave it a nibble.  I am blown away everyday how smart kids are.

Landon ate chips and salsa for the first time on Sunday evening.  He always has enjoyed dipping stuff, but never ate it; instead fed Dada.  Now he is eating it after he dips it.

Logan is now an avid scooter.  He love scooting in reverse and also rolling over to get to where he wants to go.  He is ready to move!

Logan is loud.  When he starts talking he doesn't use the inside voice.  It makes me laugh when Logan starts talking with Landon is napping Kari typically says, "Brother! You're going to wake up Landon!"  He smiles and keeps making loud noises.

Both boys are now sleeping threw the night; also, they put themselves to sleep.  This has allowed Kari and I to get some much needed husband and wife time that we had been missing...oh and some extra sleep.

Both boys laugh at just about anything.  Kari is definitely the funny one, as in comedian funny, but Dada gets a few laughs out of the boys; mostly when I make loud noises, like scream randomly for something they did or growl and bite on their bellies.

The joys of parenthood continue and I am such a proud Dada.

God Bless.

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