Friday, February 18, 2011

Screw holder or Screw driver?

"My dad said I am a great screw holder." Bobby W.
Bobby told me this when I asked him to do something recently and it got my wheels turning.  I replied, "What do you mean?"  His answer was one that connected many dots for me.  Bobby replied, "You know, when he is doing something, I help by holding the screws."

About a month ago I was attempting to back a trailer.  I am not sure how I didn't learn to back a trailer, but somehow there was always some else who could do it for me, so I didn't have to learn.  I was practically jackknifing the van and trailer when Don, who is 70, came out and said, "Can I do that for you?"  I replied, "No thanks, I need to learn sometime."  He hung around to make sure I didn't damage anything, for which I am grateful, and eventually I got the trailer where I needed it.

Here the deal.  Do I want to raise Landon and Logan to be screw holders or screw drivers?  I believe the answer is obvious, screw drivers!

I think about my grandfather and father and there skill level in so many things.  That is someone I aspire to be.  If I don't grasp hold now and become the screw driver, I believe I will become obsolete.

I am uncertain where I missed the boat and became the screw holder, but maybe being the screw holder is easier and a form of laziness at times.  I don't want this for myself or the boys.  I am sure there is a balance between teaching and allowing them to do it on there own; I just want to be able to find the balance and prevent my boys from becoming screw holders.

I never want to be a screw holder again!  Pass the be screw driver and let me put it together...unless it comes to my boys; I will find a balance and show them how and we can do it together.

Any thoughts?

God Bless.

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