Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Got the material?" Mr. Clyde

If you had an idea or a project you might hear Mr. Clyde question, ""Got the material?" referring to the necessary wood, etc. needed to compete your project.

At Highland Lakes Camp we have resident volunteers. One of them is Mr. Clyde, who turned 89 less than a month ago.

Uponing returning home from Galveston we learned he was walking outside, fell and hit his head. I am giving vague details because i only heard, but you get the basic story.

Our family had the opportunity to go visit Mr. Clyde tonight in the hospital. We met his daughter and son-in-law who quickly welcomed us inside. They told us he was in a lot of pain, but was doing well. He has spent part of the morning walking around with a walker.

Landon loves talking to Mr. Clyde. Often times Landon will sneak up on Mr. Clyde in the dining hall to say hello or wave to him. It is a very precious sight. He did smile and wave to us tonight, but you could tell he was hurting.

Mr. Clyde has boldly shared the gospel all over the world and we are truely blessed by his joking, sleeping on the job, skilled craftsmanship of wood and his passionate love for Jesus.

Please say a pray for our friend Mr. Clyde. He will begin rehab on Friday.

God bless.

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