Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Kari.

What's the big deal about an anniversary?

I can think of a few reason to reflect, remember and celebrate.

Reflection upon what it means to be in a covenant relationship. Established by God in Genesis, a man and woman shall leave their parents and build a new family. God also makes this covenant with His people; that is why our hope is Christ; who will return for His bride, the church.

Remembering now is easy, but I suspect as I get older I might forget. Kari walked into old Miles at Highland Lakes Camp as I was in the air on a ladder adjusting lights. She proceeded toward the stage and introduced herself by asking, "Is that a Texas A&M bracelet?" I replied, "Heck no, Texas State." She laughed and said, "Well, I'm Kari Davenport." It will be six years in May since that unforgettable day.

Remembering March 10, 2007, I'll never forget when the doors at the back of First Baptist Church Cameron opened up, my beautiful bride to be began her walk. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

A memory that makes us laugh and is still brought up to this day, is Bro. Jimmy saying Keremy. Instead of saying Kari he said Keremy until the end of the ceremony. He said, "Have I been saying that the entire time?" Yes, yes he did.

There is something to celebrate because about 50% of marriages in America fail. Right now we are the other 50%. This static is heartbreaking in so many ways especially when you consider divorcing with children. Being one of those children affected by divorce, I can say there are many tears shed. Marriage is a sacred union between man and woman before God; and God hates divorce.

Kari, I love you and am thankful for our four blessed years of marriage.

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