Friday, July 22, 2011

The Gospel According to Finding Nemo

" just can't Nemo!...Get back here now...don't touch the boat...," Marlin tells Nemo before he swims out to sea, touches the boat and than encounters humans and is taken.
Landon has recently fell in love with Finding Nemo. I have never watched it all the way through until a few days ago. What a great film of spiritual application.

The above quote comes from the beginning of the film. Nemo disobeys his father and is captured. His capture represents our disobedience or rebellion to God. He swam out to sea in direct opposition to his father. How often do we swim out to sea thinking we are big enough or in control?
Later in the film Nemo cries out, "Dad!" This is the first word or cry from Nemo we hear in the dentist office. How fitting! He knew something was wrong, he was out of place and needed his fathers help. Many times we get ourselves in situations where we are away from God and all we need to do is cry out to Him.

Throughout the film Marlin is looking for his lost son. Interestingly enough, Nemo would have to get himself back to the ocean before he could find His father, but Marlin was right there ready to accept him back. God is ready for you to call on His name. Repentance, restoring things to order by returning to the sea (to Him), put Nemo in a position to be reunited with his father. Do you need to repent and return to the Father? He is there.

Near the end of the film, Marlin is looking at his unconscious son, after escaping being captured a second time by fishermen, and is screaming, "Nemo wake up!" During this scene Landon ran to the TV and helped Marlin yell at Nemo. I think sometimes our Father is yelling at us, "I am here! Wake up and listen to me."

I pray that maybe some of these scenes and thoughts will speak to you. God bless.


Penny said...

Our pastor did this as a sermon a couple of weeks ago. We even watched the clip of Nemo touching the boat. Whoa, deja vu!

Jeremy Hellums said...

That's cool! Amazing how Christ even uses Nemo. Where are you guys going to church now?