Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday & Central Texas Fires

As the Labor Day week comes to a close, I find myself thinking about a few things (please excuse the fragmented thoughts):

Dinner at Hula Hut and desert at Mozart's with some close friends was amazing. It was a wonderful celebration and a great way to start my birthday celebration.

Celebrating my 30th birthday will not be easily forgotten for several reasons: I blew out 2 candles on strawberry muffins with "15" (with Landon's help). Kari said, "who wants to celebrate 30 when you can celebrate half that" (noteworthy: we didn't have a 3 or 0 candle).

We made a trip to Bastrop to drop of some clothing and baby items to those effected by the Central Texas Wildfires. We spent time with the Adare's who lost everything, my mother who evacuated, but was spared, and my grandmother, who was worried about all that was going on.

Bastrop State Park will never be the same. My Papa took and taught my brothers, cousins and myself how to play golf at Lost Pines Golf Club. We helped and drove Papa's golf cart and I can admit to getting it into at least on minor wreck while driving up to hole number 7 (back when it was only a 9 hole course). He taught us to take care of our equipment, respect those around you, repair your divits and no matter how bad we hit the ball (I still do) he had something encouraging to say. We spent a lot of time at Bastrop State Park.

Taking an opportunity to serve our neighbors in Spicewood who lost everything makes me speechless. As we arrived at the property where homes once stood, my heart ached for those who didn't have a home to return to. This ache only seems to drive more outpouring of compassion to those who are at a loss and do everything in my power to help.

Labor Day Weekend 2011 will not quickly be forgotten for some many of my family, friends and neighbors, but I am reminded of the promise, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1; He is still in control.

We are continuing to pray for everyone that is still fighting the fires, effected by the fires and serving those who are in need.  I pray that the fires stop and the Lord restores the land. God Bless.

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