Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

Somedays I think, "I will blog," but this year seems more busy than most! I received and email from a buddy concerning my blog, "HELLO!" so I guess this post was long overdue. 
I have always enjoyed driving in the fast lane; typically it is fast paced, no stopping and gets you where you need to go.  I believe this is where Kari, the boys and I are right now, the fast lane. Everyday seems to fly by, the boys learn 100 somethings new daily and are growing, you guessed it, like weeds.

2012 has brought us a 2.5 and 1.5 year old. They each present us daily with many, many, many, blessings and many challenges.  For Landon, its obedience.  For Logan, its communication.  Obstacles yes, but nothing that my amazing wife and mommy can't handle.  Landon is running, talking, communicating, likes and dislikes, and looks like a little man.  Logan is thoughtful, analytical, crazy at times, loves to head bonk, and a great eater.  They both play well together, sharing and not sharing toys, wrestle and are sweet to one another.  And the love music.  If they aren't dancing to something mommy is playing they are singing with her.  It is amazing to watch them develop.

Kari continues to excel in her party planning, decorating and throwing skills.  Her most recent party was a gender revel party.  The theme was "What's it going to Bee?" Yellow, white and black decorations all around the room and the cake color inside revealed to all the party goers that the expecting couple was going to have a boy.  I looked at all the pictures and the grandmas reactions captured were priceless.

We continue to serve at Highland Lakes Camp and our blessed by our camp family.  I am now the Coordinator of Guest Services and Production.  What does that mean?  Basically I do all the same things I did before, but now manage my deadlines, which are dictated by the guests and ask for help from others when I need it.  It has been an amazing position and I am loving where God has allowed my family to serve.  In addition to work, I am taking Spanish 3 at Austin Community College.  It is definitely harder than Spanish 2, but will put me one course closer to graduation.

One final thing to share, at the end of 2011 God made the calling on my life more refined; he has told me I will one day be serving in the capacity as pastor.  When and where, we don't know, but while we seek Him and what He has in store for us, we are continuing to learn and grow from Him and those around us.  Its am amazing journey, one that I am so thankful to be on with Kari, Landon and Logan.

I hope that everyone is having an amazing 2012.  I plan to post more, but don't hold me to it!  I do love writing, etc., just need to find the time...which is hard in the fast lane.

God Bless.

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jayiin mistaya said...

I think life is supposed to be the fast lane. We're supposed to be going out and doing - seeking out and following God with every step we take and everything we do.

One of my current goals is to make my blogging (and my writing in general) part of that fast lane - because it's something I know God wants me doing.

Though, I'm going to get myself in trouble. I seem to do that when I start writing about anything serious.

I think it's awesome God has called you to pastor - I definitely think you've got the gifting for it. You certainly took a confused fat dude under your wing when he really needed it.

One of these days, I want to sit down with you and chat with you about some of the theological ramblings my brain produces - kinda get a different view on things than the ones I normally get.

I've discovered that the same things that applied in martial arts and writing apply to my spiritual journey - never limit myself to one style or form and always seek views other than my own or that I'm used to getting.

Even if I don't agree with - or like - what people have to say, I always learn something.