Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Focus and Source: Thoughts on Hebews 12:2 Part One

"keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source..." Hebrews 12:2
Keeping your eyes on something allows you to maintain focus.

I had an old track coach tell me, find a spot above and past the finish line and than focus on it the entire time I was running. This trained my head and eyes to look up and not bobble my head around aimlessly.

Have you caught yourself wandering aimlessly before?

I find myself in the super-market walking around aimlessly a lot sometimes.  The boys and I were looking for Juilo's salsa the other day in HEB.  After walking around aimless, I asked an employee where to find it. He directed me to aisle 8.  After slowly walking down aisle 8, I decided it was not there.  I found a manager, they directed me to the fruit and vegetable section.  It was not there. Than I found whom seemed to be a super important guy and he said, it's by the milk.  He processed to lead Landon, Logan and myself to the exact location. Julio's salsa had been waiting for us there the entire time!

Did you catch that?  Sometimes I wasn't aimless, I had been given information, but it happened to be wrong.  Not until I went to a credible source, I was aimed right and we found success.

This happens sometimes in various ways: we chase after worldly things and completely miss Jesus, we think we know Jesus, but have no clue who Jesus is, we pretend we know Jesus or focus on small details of the faith and this distracts us from Jesus.  It happens to us all sometimes in some form or fashion.

When we are focusing on anything other than Jesus, we have the potential to walking aimlessly.

What's your focus?

The passage says, "the source and perfecter of our faith."  He is our source.  There is no substitute - just Jesus. Putting our focus on our source helps maintain our aim.

When your hairdryer is unplugged, it is disconnected from the power source.  Therefore, your hair is still wet. When we are disconnected from Jesus, we are living in our flesh.

Focus on the source: Jesus.


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