Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Working Out and More

Well it needs to be some where at the top of my to-do list, working out that is, but currently it is not. I am not too far out of shape, but I would like to add a little muscle before softball season. Jerod wants to getting toned up for Sara, so, in the next few days, he and I are going to be checking out some gyms. I am looking forward to it. Golf was a great time. It is nice to wake up, and go do something so relaxing. Considering, when I go to the golf course, it is usually not relaxing, rather frustrating, but so far, this class has been relaxing. Maybe it is just knowing that I am going to class, playing golf, and basically stealing an A. It is good times. I am going to turn my first paper in today. Hopefully my professor won't just tell me he shredded it and that I should just start all over. That is all I have for now. Tune in later.

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