Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday: Labor Day Weekend

About 24 years ago on Labor Day 1981, a wonderful blessing entered into San Marcos, TX, me. It is my birthday weekend, as I like to call it, but I will not be able to fully celebrate until Wednesday. I also extremely dislike it when people ask, "So how does it feel to be (insert year here)?" I have since come to grips with it, and now just have some rehearsed response. Now, in light of all this birthday news, I can't help, but lament the tragedy in LA and MS. My heart is hurting for all the people displaced, lost, hungry, thirsty, and those who are mourning. I pray that the American people will continue to outpour compassion and support for these people. Changing gears, I am excited to have met James and Cassie's new baby girl Annelise. I just got off the phone with Cassie moments ago and she said they were probably going to China in late October or November. That is exciting! In other news: Lockhart is playing there opening football game tonight, this will be my first High School football game that I did not go and see Bastrop. I will emotionally make adjustments, but I should be ok. I went to start my Mustang today and she did not want to fire. Turns out, the battery was bad, and upon purchasing a new battery and installing it, she fired up nicely. By the way, being an auto mechanic with two amateurs, Warren and myself, is not that easy. More to come.

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