Saturday, September 24, 2005

Post Rita

It seems Rita had a different course and all those people in my area were panicked about nothing. It was crazy to see all the traffic in San Marcos, which I can understand, people pouring in from the coast. It is a little more hard to understand why are area grocery stores sold out of milk, bread, and water. Gas will be tight for the next couple days, but that is understandable too. Interesting, I understand that people want to go home, but my neighbor just came over and said that his parents left about 1:00 pm on Saturday and made it to Luling (about 15 miles south of Lockhart) in an hour. WOW! Personally, I would wait and go back on Monday, but that is just me and I am not displaced. I am a little sad we did not see any rain or winds, but I did talk to Kari and she said that in College Station got some winds. I pray that all those effected make it home safely and those that were unable to leave are safe. Tune in next time.

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Cassie said...

I never understood the run on water. I mean even if we lost power for a few hours and had to eat sanwiches instead of a hot meal you might need the bread, but our water was going to be status quo. I always drink bottled watetr on account of I can't stand the taste of the tap water, so I was put out by all the Johnny-Come-Lately types buying up the water, making it hard to find. Went to the store today and had no problem finding my water of choice (Ozarka Natural Spring if you curious) Anywho - have a good one!