Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Morning

What a wonderful weekend. Sunday was a day filled with many blessings. Church was great, the Pastor took us more into Isaiah 6 and just gave us a glimpse of what Isaiah saw in the temple that day. Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord. WOW! That is awesome to ponder. I had an opportunity to go to lunch with the pastor and his wife. We had a splendid time. If I learned anything about who two people in love with one another, I learned it from my pastor and his wife. Good 'ole Sunday nap, and Sunday evening church and morning brought a beautiful Monday morning. According to the calendar fall is here, but you would not be able to tell it by the extreme heat. I am going to go start working out today with Patterson called it "Operation Ripped and Chiseled" will begin today. Talk later. Bye bye.


Cassie said...

I too am following an exercise program. It's called "get your muscles ready to be lugging a kid around" I lift weights 3 times a week to be prepared for Annelise.

velma said...

ya and my work out program is called "just get off of your butt!!"

Good luck Jeremy with the getting ripped with gold ol' Patterson! I'm hoping you will be more consistent than myself =)

Princess Kari said...

Hey baby...Im proud that u are starting this workout!! Ur gonna look all handsome for me, not that u aren't the hottest guy already..its just now im gonna have to keep them girls off of ya...nah...i trust u, u do a great job and you are a wonderful boyfriend!!! I LOVE YOU. Go get em jackelopes..:):)