Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tuesday: Sept. 6th

What a title, I am not too original today, huh?!? Well I should be reading The Radicalism of the American Revolution right now, but find myself stalling, go figure. I have not resorted to cleaning yet, but come to think of it, I cleaned last Friday cause Kari came into town (you know, I have to make her think I am clean). Nah, I am kidding. Well I learned today that my English professor, that I have previously bashed, is going to be receiving bashing all semester. I walk in expecting a lecture on The Odyssey, because that is what the schedule says, but instead she opens it up to class discussion*. Now I am just going to be honest, I did not pay for that class to hear those student's opinions about a fictional book, I paid to her, the Doctor, to tell me her opinions and or other facts she may know. Did I mention that this is the second class that she has forgot her copy of the book, for crying outloud, I would let her borrow mine. Ok, enough of that. I better go do some reading. See you on the flip side (yes tomorrow is my birthday).

*I want to note that my English class is a class of 250 student, hard to do a discussion with that number.

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