Thursday, September 08, 2005

Birthday Notes

Well after reading my previous blogs and considering I don't really tell people that today is my birthday, I sure have talked a lot about it on my blog. Goodness, what am I thinking, I am silly. Really, I am the type of person who does not really tell people about my birthday and here I go blabbing about it on the internet! I must recap though, it was a great day and I am thankful to all those people who did wish me a Happy Birthday. I got an A on my first "Reflection Paper" in Early American History. I am a little excited about that, but did realize that when the professor was telling the class what not to do, he picked my paper. Now, I do want to somewhat blame this blog site for part of my error on the paper, because when I write my blog I write like a talk. I feel this adds to my blog when I write in this style, and well, I just want to cause it is my blog. So, I had a few sentences that sounded like I was talking in my paper and I got slammed for it! I still got an A though! More birthday news: Kari celebrated my birthday on Sunday with me, due to school and all she was unable to make it today (which is totally understandable) and she gave me some heart felt gifts; including a poem, coupons, and some cute pictures of her and I in a fancy frame. Well at least she looked cute in them. I got home tonight, and Warren and Nicole had a birthday brownie, that was really cool (it even had sparkling candles)! I had a wonderful time tonight talking to the youth at church. I have done it before, but not the capacity that I did tonight. I prepared the material, researched and prayed about it. It was awesome. Ok, but there was one thing that I did not know about...I talked about Elijah being fed by the ravens, and you know, someone would ask, "What are ravens like?" Now, if they would have asked about a hawk I could have talked for at least five minutes, but no, they wanted to know about a bird I have no clue about. Not that it is too relevant to the story, I do like being able to convey that information. It was a blessing to be able to share that word from I Kings 17 tonight, and I look forward to more opportunities to working with the youth. I am out.


Cassie said...

Good job getting an A. Some of the best Texas historians have that ramble on in a personal sort of way, that actually makes a much more intersting read, but apparently is upsetting to the college professors of the world. When you write for yourself you can write anyway you want, but it's always nice to entertain those who are reading you. I bet your paper was far more interesting than the by the book people (like, say the way I write) Anyway, just feeling the need to post to your blog :)

Princess Kari said...

Hey babe, Im glad to hear that u thought of those gifts as heart felt. Because that is exactly where the ideas came from. I love you so much and I miss you. Im sure Ill be talking to you soon, but I wanted to leave you a message:)