Saturday, October 15, 2005

Flowers for my Dear

The title is deceiving, but will play out. Stan and I are headed home from a gig and we pulled up to the traffic light at Interstate 35 and Highway 183. Rolling up to the light, we look into the right hand lane and we see a man throw something into a black car. At this point, Stan and I are clueless. We look up and realize that the white truck in front of the black car is unoccupied. The driver of the white truck is digging in his wallet to pay the rose vender on the curb. After giving the vender more cash, he purchases two more dozen roses and proceeds back to the black car. He swings the young lady's door open and pitches them at her. She then, grabs them and throws them on her dashboard. He jumps back in his pick-up and does not move when the light turns green. We hear horn honking. Now, I tell this story to illustrate: 1. the lack of respect men have for women; 2. don't fight in public, especially on the highway; 3. and how many people really thing that love and forgiveness can truly be bought. I am making some assumptions, but from the actions of the couple, they were fighting and he was attempting to make up. I consider the love of God and think that something was perverted in the attempt of forgiveness. I use the word perversion, as defined: to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right. He did not have an attitude of forgiveness, he was just "buying" her off, if you will. Love cannot be bought, love comes from the Father above and upon the fall of man, we have been separated from that relationship. The good news is, through a relationship with Jesus Christ, we can experience that love and spend eternity with our Father in heaven. Well, I hope and pray that the couple made it to wherever they were headed, and if they don't know Christ, that they may come to a knowledge, of Jesus who said, "I am the way the truth, and the life..." (John 14:8). Have a great night.


Kari said...

BABY, sweet of you to say what you did, this blog had to have been one of ur best ones!! im so happy you are mine...I pray that you will hang on to me forever, i need you!!! I love you Jeremy Hellums~its time for your sweet thang to go to bed, gnight my love. I hope u have a wonderful week, cant wait til i see u again(hopefully sooner than later) BYE MY LOVE

JMob said...

i love you too jeremy hellums....even though kari hast stolen u from me, i shall win ur heart back oncemore...."that blog was some funny crap"....go stros baby