Thursday, October 13, 2005

Game Night

The Kingsmen (First Lockhart Baptist Softball Team) are ready to take the field. We seem to be still knocking the rust off, but I think tonight is our night. After starting a losing streak last Thursday, we will be starting at 7:00 intent on winning! Either way, it is great fun to fellowship and play ball with the men of my church. School went well today, in Chinese history, the year is 1912 and the Ch'ing Dynasty has just fallen. It is some interesting stuff, and to parallel it with other history around the world, neat to see what they were doing in the East. Wednesday night was a blessing, some of the kids wanted to chat, but I encouraged them otherwise. Numbers 21 reveals one of many moments where God gives His people an opportunity to redeem themselves. God sent redemption through His son Jesus Christ. His love is so great, that His son died on the cross, so that we might come to know our Father. Being disconnected in the garden, separated us from God, but Jesus intercedes on our behalf. It is a great picture of God's desire to have us seek after Him for eternal life. Look it up.

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