Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No, Not Really Breaking News

Yesterday was a successfully day, I completed a 50th Anniversary project and mailed the DVD's off this morning. I think I got swindled* by the Postal lady...I mailed two bubble wrap packages and the prices came up on the screen with different mailing options. I had a choice of four prices, each with a different arrival date and I asked, "So, the $3.49 is the total?" The clerk replied, "Yes, sir." I thought that was a reasonable price, so I selected the $3.49 option. She completed transition and asked for about $8.00. I was a bit baffled and gave her an awkward look and I said, "I thought that $3.49 was the total?" She replied, "No, that is per package." I went ahead and paid the fee, but left feeling as though I was swindled. Watch out for those postal workers.

*Definition of swindled: to take money or property from by fraud or deceit. I was later informed by Kari and Warren that I was not swindled because I knew what I was going to pay and could have changed my mind. I think I was had!

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