Tuesday, December 13, 2005

School is Out, Officially Now!

I got my paper turned in and headed to Kingsland with Stan. We worked on a PA that was recently installed and did a consultation. The Hill Country in Texas is beautiful. The trees were green, yellow, and orange throughout the wooded area we traveled yesterday. On the way home we saw at least twenty deer on the side of the road. Sometimes we forget what a beautiful place we have to live. Speaking of the road, I will be the road for a few days, I made a trip to Milano to see Kari today. I will be getting up early and going to Elgin to catch up with Brett, the sound guy. Than, we will leave Elgin heading to Temple for a Kevin Fowler setup. After the show and tear down our next stop is Austin for a setup at Applied Materials. Hopeful some where along the way, I will catch a few winks. Sadly, I will be missing the youth on Wednesday night, but currently the pocketbook is very thin. In other news, my Fantasy Football Team, the Jackalopes made the playoffs. Catch you in a few days.

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