Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New Year

It is now 2006 and I have a moment to sit at the computer because I have no other engagements to attend. I survived New York City and have many tales to write from the trip. It was time well spent and plenty of pictures taken to show off.

Day One (Monday, December 26, 2005): We flew into LaGuardia about 2 pm and took a taxi to the hotel. We stayed in a La Quinta Inn on 32nd and 6th, which is just a few blocks from Time Square and the Empire State building. The weather was wonderful, but did not see any snow (unless you count the week old snow piled up on some of the sidewalks). We took the train up to about 100th Street and Broadway to visit some friends of Kari's sister. We spent some time with that family and headed to Bloomingdales. After at least 3 hotdogs (throughout the day), Kari and I found the furniture floor and sat in the massage chair for a about 20 minutes. After Bloomingdale's, we found a little Italian restaurant called Patsy's. We had the classic favorites spaghetti and fettucine alfredo. That concluded our first day in New York.

As I realize how much time I just spent in Day One, I have come to terms that I will have to due this writing in multiple sittings. I have a 7pm meeting at the BSM. The Texas State BSM is going to Louisiana and in order to go on the trip you have to attend the meeting. be continued.

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Kari said...

WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!!! ready to go again???? lol...luv ya babes