Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sarah's Story from New Orleans

Sarah is a resident of New Orleans how lost everything. We had an opportunity to serve Sarah and her seven year old son last week by cleaning out her damaged stuff and ripping the sheet rock out of her home. I am going to try and re-tell what she told us.

Her and her son were able to get out of the city and fled to Texas. Eventually they ended up on Waco. Through some Baptist organization, (I would guess a local Baptist church) she got a teaching position at Baylor. Sarah enrolled her son in a local school and began living out of a hotel. A lady by the name of Doris from the Baptist organization encouraged Sarah to find a home. Sarah insisted she did not have the time, nor the desire to even make a new home. Doris offered to apartment shop for Sarah. After viewing 40 different apartments Sarah narrowed it down to 3 apartment, but told Doris she would just take the smallest. Sarah told Doris that she did not want anything bigger because with the items she had the apartment would seem empty. With this in mind, Sarah went to move in and upon arriving at the apartment she was meet by several men with trucks full of furnishings. Couches, lamps, beds, and food were among the items given to Sarah. In tear, she thankfully accepted the items. Uncertain if she is a Christian, these people stepped in at a moment when she most needed it. Sarah earned $9000.00 and she told Doris she would like to tithe to the church. Doris told her if Sarah wanted to tithe to do it at her home church because Doris explained Sarah was the churches offering to God. Sarah commented that if she was God's offering that she should be a better person. She is going to remain in Waco for the end of the school year, but is already trying to rebuild in New Orleans. She contacted First Baptist New Orleans and the Texas State BSM went to her house willing to serve. She sat on her front steps of her destroyed home and told this story. She was overwhelmed by the way God was taking care of her and that we were standing in her front yard ready to help her some more. It was so awesome to see how God had provided some many Christians to help her along her journey. She expressed her thanksgiving of us being there and felt no anger towards God, but blessed by His protect and blessings bestowed by generous Christians.

I will leave you with this thought, helping someone, smiling at someone and any loving action to your fellow neighbor comes straight from God and with this love we can share the love of Christ. NYC stories to come...tune in later.

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