Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bad Blogger!!! NYC Stories

I have been a little busy with the first week of school under my belt and other adventures. I am taking nine hours this semester at Texas State. I attended Kari's sister wedding in Cameron, TX this past weekend and have successfully assisted Kari in her move to San Marcos. Now to the NYC Stories...for those who just happen upon my page or don't check it often, I went to NYC Dec. 26-29 and have only wrote about Day One. Sit back and enjoy another of my NYC tales...

Day Two: Our first stop and first full day in New York City was Battery Park. It is the southern tip of Manhattan island. On the West Side of the island overlooking the Hudson River, we looked at and took pictures of the Statue of Liberty. Moving north, we encountered a hot dog stand and ate a late morning breakfast. Continuing on foot, we passed by the Trinity Church on our way to Ground Zero. The area is completely fenced off, but on the East fence is a timeline of the events that took place on September 11th and the names of those lives that were lost on that tragic day. Prior to September 11th, the subway stop was in the World Trade Center, so subway traffic needed to be re-established in the area. After clean up, construction yielded a new World Trade Center subway terminal which we gladly took a train from Downtown to Uptown. Arriving at Columbus Circle, just Southwest of Central Park, we took a look at the new Time Warner Center. With plans to eat at the Tavern on the Green and than go see the Rockettes, we hiked our way North to the Central Park restaurant. Unexpectedly, we were informed that we needed reservations, so we found a little restaurant that did not need reservations. After dinner we made our way to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes. The show was wonderful, Santa was late for Christmas and the Rockettes did some high kicks and somehow Santa delivered all the presents. I think the wonderful part of the show was after the conclusion of the show and live nativity and the presentation of the birth of Christ was presented. It was delightful to see the Lord Jesus honored at Radio City Music Hall. To end the night we went to Ellen's Stardust Diner for shakes and chili. Much to my surprise, the wait staff performed Broadway music in between serving their tables in a dramatic fashion. Not too forget, on the walk back to the hotel we went by Time Square. That concludes Day Two adventures, tune in for more stories from NYC.

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