Sunday, March 12, 2006

How to get to 287 8th Road, Clyde, KS?

At first glance, it seems simple enough, street name with the block number and town name. Yet, it turns out this address is deceiving. As Kari, Bonnie and I arrived in Clyde, Kansas, we were surprised to not find 8th Road. I hopped into a local bar (cause it was the only thing open) and inquired from the locals, "Do you know where 8th Road is?" I told them I was looking for a for a wedding and they told me where the three church were in Clyde. We checked all three churches and all the parking lots were empty. We came to the conclusion that there could be a possibility that we had the incorrect address. We made a phone call to an informant and learned that the brides hometown was Clifton. After flagging down a couple in a red jeep cherokee, we were told to take KS HWY 9 east about 12 miles. We found Clifton and the only two churches in the town were deserted. It had been a while since we had stopped for a restroom break, I insisted we go to the local store. I walk into the store first and to my right are about 10 elderly folks. We had found the old folks hangout. Kari bursts into the door behind me and seems to announce to the entire store, "Does anyone know where 8th Road is?" The man behind the counter thinks a moment and says you mean Eight Mile Road. He than say, "You all are looking for the wedding." We are taken aback and heave a sigh of relief, "YES!" He explains that 8th Road means eight miles down another road. We are confused, but he continues to explain, we are to take a right at a road in between Clyde and Clifton and go eight miles. The church was on the left down an eight mile gravel road, we walked in as the preacher pronounces them husband and wife and watched them kiss. That is how we got to 287 8th Road, Clyde, KS. Have a great evening.

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