Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Break, Here and Gone

It was a great spring break. It ended with a trip to Wonder World with Kari, Kari's little sister and Stine. It is a cave beneath the Balcones fault line. It is very interesting to see how this plate has pulled apart and created an area of exploration and intrigue. My mother was in town this spring break as well. I was able to have dinner with her on Wednesday and Friday night. On the way home Friday night, a DPS officer decided he wanted to have a word with me, so our trip home was delayed. Saturday night JMob and I worked at the Six Lounge in the Warehouse District of Austin. It was an easy night, but very interesting. The opening act was an urban cowboy act based out of Los Angles, CA called King Straggler. One of the members was actor Brentley Gore. He was recently in a film entitled Zoe and a Saved By the Bell knock-off entitled California Dreams. He was a laid back guy and easy to work with. The second and last act was a one man band named Bob Log III. He shows up with two guitars, a kick drum, a kick cymbal (for lack of better names), two drum machines, and a helmet. This helmet was retrofitted with an old phone receiver that served as his microphone which he ran through an amp. The vocal was distorted and the clanging cymbal was the majority of his show. I have posted a picture above. I would never recommend Bob Log III to anyone looking for good music, but maybe for a good laugh. That concluded my Spring Break.

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u mean not looking for good music