Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last Official Week of School

I will hit a few highlights of last week and this week in today's post. We did a Cory Morrow show on Thursday night in San Marcos. I went to the cargo truck to get some extra cable and a sound of a marble or small rocks began hitting the truck. I looked out side and realized it began to hail. The sound increased and the thought of being hit by ice was not pleasant, but I came to realize it was the lack of insulation in the truck that made the sound so loud and terrifying. My car did not suffer any hail damage, but sadly a few miles south at the San Marcos outlet mall, many cars were so damaged they were declared totaled.

Friday night and on into Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of being the Master of Ceremonies at the Lockhart Relay for Life. Basically that meant, I got to do most of the speaking at the event. It was a successful event. At last check, Lockhart had raised almost $65,000 for the American Cancer Society. After sleeping the day away, JMob and I went to the Lockhart theater and saw the new Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland movie The Sentinel. I am a huge fan of 24, so I enjoyed seeing Kiefer Sutherland in this new movie. He is always saving the world or the president.

Today began at 7am with a cool shower, granola bar, and a small sip of Dr. Pepper. This is the last week of school and than finals will spill over into the first week of May. I only have to take two finals, but this Thursday I will turn in a 12 page book review/contrast paper. Tonight, pending weather (there is a 50% chance of rain), we have a softball game scheduled. I am looking forward to taking the field. Will and I are two documents away from having an apartment in San Marcos. I have to go pick up a notarized document from my aunt on Wednesday morning and that should seal the deal. Tune in next time...

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Good luck on finals!