Sunday, June 04, 2006

Camp plus more!

It has been too long. My little brother graduated, I moved to San Marcos and I have begun working out at Highland Lakes Encampment. JMob and I completed our first week of camp, Hyde Park’s Camp Travis. We had the pleasure of working with By The Tree (picture above) and Ed Newton. The camp went very smooth and the schedule was very easy on JMob and I. In fact, it was so easy, we usually had time in the day to get in two naps. One day we browsed the web for about four hours, played at the waterfront, and then went to town to get a few necessities (Target!). It was a blessed week, about sixty students came to know Jesus as Lord. Journey Camps will start today, but I will only be out there for some of the worship because this week is also Vacation Bible School (VBS) week at First Lockhart Baptist Church (FLBC). I was asked to be the host and the recreation guy this year and am looking forward to another fun summer week of VBS with the children in our community. Kari's father came home from Iraq, so she and I spent the weekend in Milano. We spent time with her family and enjoyed a good sermon at her home church. That is it for now...check back soon for more updates.

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