Sunday, June 11, 2006

At Camp

Journey II is begins tomorrow afternoon. JMob and I drove out to Highland Lakes Encampment tonight so we would not have to get out of bed too early. It was a great Sunday. The new youth minister spoke at FLBC this morning and encouraged the church to look at the early church in Acts. They fellowshipped together, got to know one another, loved one another, and welcomed anyone who would join them. A church is a body of believers who love one another and their neighbors. It was a refreshing reminder. I got some sweets gifts from Kari this evening. She got to go to town and do a little shopping. While in Houston I got her a 2005 National League Champions Astros shirt. She gave me a card celebrating our one year date anniversary, some Skittles, and other items that I can't spell! Oh, if you are trying to reach me and you can get my voicemail try email:

Goodnight to all.

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