Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last Full Day of Camp

It has been a fun week at camp for JMob and I. I was AD of Security this week and got to stay up late to make sure that the students stayed in their assigned dorms. Tonight is the last night, so that basically guarantees someone will attempt to escape. We will be there waiting to catch them. We worked with Billy Bob White and Brandon Barnard. I will be heading home some time on Friday afternoon.

On another note, I went down to the docks and helped Kari get her boat in and out on the water. She took one group out and told me one of the girls practiced Wicca. During worship, Kari got up and gave her testimony. After she did so, Billy Bob got up and asked if anyone wanted to come to know Christ based on what they had heard. A young man stood up and threw his hands up. It was an exciting time. In addition, Kari spotted the young lady who claimed to practice Wicca. She leaned over and asked me to prayer for the young lady throughout worship. We both lifted up prayers and during the invitation the young lady arose and went to the back to receive counseling. What an awesome God we serve. Just thought I would share these highlights.

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