Friday, September 01, 2006

Tire Issues

Yesterday was successful and frustrating. After having lunch with the pastor, Nic and I caught a girls volleyball game in San Marcos. It was a good day, but ended on a bad note. In my effort to boycott the Parking Service Department at the university(ie. not buying a parking sticker because the price increase was 108%), Kari asked me to pick her up (cause I encouraged her not to buy one too!). I picked her up, but had noticed that my car was not driving correctly. I got out and found a screw in my tire. I added some air, but was frustrated. We had dinner plans with Stine, but the frustration and thought of changing the tire loomed. I dropped Kari off at Jason's Deli and went to Wal-Mart. I arrived five mintues after closing. I went back and changed that tire and waited till today to get a new tire. Tune in next time for the Exciting Adventures of...insert title here!

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JMob said...

i like the stang better w/the bike tires...u should put 4 of em on....gangsta rollin