Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I think the rainy day deserves a least a bit of an honorary recognition. I was so excited about the rain this morning, I went to catch the bus and waited in the rain for 20 minutes. After becoming soaked, I went to class and completed my Tuesday school day. My Labor Day weekend went well. Saturday, Kari and I attended her cousins wedding in Bastrop. It was a good time with her family and some of my old high school friends. Sunday was the fantasy football draft. The Jackalopes are ready to begin the season in an attempt to win the championship. Kari got a job with Kelly Baird. She will be working three times a week and taking care of their six children. We spent Labor Day with the Baird. Cody and I watched the Astros and Kari got to know the children. Later that evening we had dinner with Nic and Jo. To end the night, we pulled over and watched the re-scheduled 4th of July fireworks in Lockhart. Stay dry.

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