Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Adventures in College Station

I have said it before and will say it again, I love Wednesday!

Yesterday we took a trip to College Station with every intention on attending Breakaway. Kari, Stoney and I left San Marcos about 5:30pm, unaware of what may lie ahead in College Station. Breakaway is a, "non-denominational, weekly Bible study at Texas A&M University," according to the website. Last night, Shane & Shane was scheduled to lead worship until the power company had a slight problem. According to the Houston Chronicle, "A transformer explosion sparked a power outage that affected an estimated 86,000 homes and businesses in Bryan, College Station and four surrounding counties." We were aware of the problem as we drove east, but did not consider the traffic ramification until we received a phone call that travel time from one block to the next was about thirty minutes. We stopped our progress and ate dinner with Kari's mother and sister in Caldwell at MasFajitas. On a side note: Unless it is the only restaurant open, NEVER eat at MasFajitas in Caldwell. Horrible service, bad food, and horrible service...wait, did I already say that! During dinner we received a phone call that power was back on in College Station and with the right speed we could still make the nine o'clock worship service. To our surprise, Breakaway was cancelled. We meet up with some close friends, JMob and Beth and attempted to find some place to hang out. Finally we arrived at Sweet Eugene's and drank some caffeinated beverages. It was a wonderful evening of singing, dancing, and laughing with good friends. Gig 'em! And please, would someone turn the lights back on!

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