Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Night of October 21, 2006

October 21st began as most Saturday's of mine begin, sleeping in as long as possible. I made it till about 11:30am and began my day with plans of asking someone special a very important question. Kari and I were in Milano visiting her mom and when we are in the area she loves to visit her grandparents. We left Milano after I got out of bed and visited her grandparents. With many thoughts rushing through my headed I need to prepare for the evening and clear my head. Kari had suggested earlier that I meet up with JMob and get her oil changed. I left her grandparent to get the oil changed and hang out with JMob. We went to the mall and bought matching Detroit Tigers hats in our continued support of Major League Baseball (We are not rooting for St. Louis because the Astros are sitting at the house!) We previewed a potential location for the BIG question, but I was still uncertain of how everything would happen. I love giving surprise and with that in the back of my mind, I knew that I had to make her think one thing, while doing another. Back at her grandparents house, I quickly insisted on going to her favorite restaurant Casa Ole, instead of Johnny Carino's (a more romantic spot). In addition to this curveball, I invited JMob and our mutual friend Beth to join us for Mexican food. It was a good dinner, (bad service) but free ice cream. We walked in the mall for a little bit, but decided to get in the car and find a place to hang out. A stroll in the park was suggested and I drove the group to Wolf Creek Pen (this is the park JMob and I scouted earlier that day). We stared to walk and near Johnny Carino's Kari and Beth decided to go use the restroom. This gave JMob and I an opportunity to run across the park back to the car to get some items I wanted to use for the question. After a few moments of running, I was out of breath and threw the car keys to JMob and said, "Grab the black back pack!" He ran ahead and met me at the bridge we selected. I took ten candles and lined them along the bridge leading towards the end of the bridge. I gave JMob my video camera and we both hid. Beth called JMob and asked, "Where are you guys?" JMob let her know the game was in motion and to come back to the car. With intention of Kari seeing the candles, we waiting in hiding for Kari to arrive. When they came around the bend, both Beth and Kari noticed the candles. Kari asked, "Are those for me?" Beth encouraged her to find out what was on the bridge and Beth hung behind. Kari proceed down the path and turned around to find JMob following her with my video camera and Beth jumping in the bushes to spy the ordeal. As she walked across the bridge, I waited in the bushes for the right moment to reveal myself. When she reached the last candle I came out of hiding and presented myself. She was smiling and I gave her a hug and told her, "I have to ask you something important, but I can't do it standing." I took a knee before her and held her hand. I said, "Kari D. Davenport, I knew from the day that I met you, you were someone special. I love you. Will you marry me?" She glowed with excitement and asked, "Do I say yes now?" I replied, "wait just a moment." I reached into my pocket to reveal a small black box. I opened it and presented the ring I had purchased. She handed the box back and said, "Will you put it on?" I took the box back and took the ring out. I held her hand and than slipped the ring on her finger. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Yes." It was a wonderful evening and one we both will never forget. We both thank you for your encouragement, kind words and prayers. God Bless.


JMob said...

when i saw her give the box back, i couldnt hear what ya'll were sayin and i started to was an honor and a privalege to have shared in such a joyous u can be included in mine as well....but i cant afford paying for u to come to u G

Anonymous said...

How romantic!I'm going to be an aunt-in-law for the 2nd time!

Kari Hellums said...

i dont know if i have ever read this, i love you!! i could not have prayed for a better man to come into my are truly an astounding man and im so proud of you always and forever