Monday, October 16, 2006


Kari and I were head back to her place, when we saw a young man by the old fish hatchery on campus. The campus contains some of the first fish hatcheries in Texas. Upon closer look, the young man seemed to be casting something into the pond. It became evident that he was fly fishing in the old fish hatchery on campus. I am unsure of the legality of this, but am pretty certain, those historic ponds are protected by some law. I guess if he was throwing his catch back, it is not that bad!

We played Capture the Flag on Saturday night with twelve students in Cedar Creek. There are a few stories to share from that event:

I had built a camp fire for our group to sit around as well as cook hot dogs. We broke out the cold hot dogs and told the kids to find a stick or something to cook their hot dogs on. Victoria, a seventh grader, exclaimed, "Is that sanitary?!?" It was a priceless moment from one of the "city kids."

Later that evening, we were in the battle field playing Capture the Flag. For those not familiar, each team has a jail and hidden location of their flag. The goal is to retrieve the opposing teams flag with out getting taken to jail. As I guarded my team's jail, I noticed a flashlight deep within our territory. In order to properly defend our area I followed the light. After crossing the woods, I learned that the light had originated from one of my teammates Julie. She was a bit frazzled, and confessed. She admitted to me that she was lost and had no clue where she was. It seemed she spent most of her time crawling for fear of getting caught, but ultimately she was on our side, just lost.

One more bit of randomness...

Kari's cousin Neilie came into town to visit. I had agreed to take the ladies out to dinner. As a treat to myself and the two girls, I took them to Clear Springs. Clear Springs is on the East side of New Braunfels and has excellent catfish and onion rings. The last time I was there, I ordered a small batch of onion rings and this amount did not fill me up. I proceeded to order a large order of onion rings. The waitress said, "You know that feeds four to six people?" I replied, "Yes ma'am." She brought the onion rings out and Kari, Neilie, and I began eating. Before dinner was over, a man and his wife came over to introduce himself and inform us that we were the talk of his table. He said, we wondered if you and your table could eat all those onion rings. I just said we were hungry or something of the sorts. As he walked away, I said nice to meet you and gave him the thumbs up. He said, "Are you?" Not completely aware of the additional meaning, it dawned on me he was referring to being an Aggie. I replied, "No, but these two are." Kari was not sure what the conversation was about. The older man reached across the table to show Kari his class ring, but she thought he was trying to "pound it." (Fist to fist greeting or acknowledgement of one another, instead of shaking hands) To my surprise, I thought the same thing, but she stopped short of "pounding" the man's fist and said, "Oh, you went to A&M!" It was a great time!

Hope you enjoyed these little tales from my weekend. Have a great week.

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