Tuesday, May 08, 2007

School Comes to a Close

My last final is today at three pm. I am looking forward to being off for about a month. After this summer, I will be in line to graduate in Dec. '07. I am registered to take seven hours of Spanish this summer at Austin Community College, yeppie! This weekend Kari and I attended Second Baptist Church in La Grange, TX to see my cousin, aunt and uncle sing in their Spring Musical. It was a delightful presentation through song about the divinity of Jesus. Afterward, we went to the country club and at lunch together.

Kari and I finally got all our stuff moved to Pflugerville. It sounds like we just got it all moved, but that is not the case, we have already been in our new place since the first of May. Although, there is more unpacking to take place in the near future, we are both very excited about our new home. We have already noticed that Pflugerville is not a college town.

Other thoughts: I hope the Astros can pull it together. Jamarcus Russell is a Raider...who drafted Brady Quinn?

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