Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was supposed to be a workday for me, but the job site was not prepared and I had to re-schedule the installation. Long time, no write...I feel as if I should re-cap the previous month, but just don't feel like it. I have been all over Central Texas and Galveston during the past few weeks and enjoyed every moment of the travel and work.

My title is deceiving because some of you may think I still think it is February or maybe I just haven't flipped my calendar, but that's not the case. For Valentine's Day, Kari gave me tickets to a New York Yankees' game in August. They will be playing the Detroit Tigers on Sat. August 18th, and I am getting very excited. During the move, I missed placed the tickets. You know when you lie in bed and you think about the many overwhelming things in life: bills, work, children, etc., and you just can't sleep? Well, my thoughts were on the misplaced Yankees' tickets. I'd lie in bed and try to re-play the entire move and somehow every time I saw the tickets going into my laptop bag, but they were no where to be found. It so happens Kari and I finally brokedown and searched the house: A. Because August 18th is getting near, B. They needed to be found and C. I probably was annoying Kari by asking periodically, "Where did we pack those tickets at?" They were in a box of mail and paperwork in the closet and thankfully, now I only lie in bed awake and dread the Fall Semester. I am looking forward to my Valentine's Day present in New York as Kari and I travel with our friends Warren and Nicole.

News update: All is well in the Hellums household. Kari and I had a few days not on the road this week. We will be heading to Milano this weekend to see her family and celebrate Kari's 21st birthday. On Monday, I will be going back to camp and Kari is heading north to Kaleo Lodge to see her sister, brother in law, and nephew.

God Bless to all.

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