Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 Baseball Season Kickoff

Its spring time; the leather smell is fresh, grass clippings scattered on the turf and red dirt manicured with rake and drag. Although, my excitement wasn’t great enough to get me out of bed to watch the Red Sox face off against the A’s in Japan, I am ready for opening day. On March 31, 2008 the Astros will begin there march to October. With a complete “cleaning of house” this off season, only 5 players remain from the 2005 National League Championship Team. Some notable additions that peek my curiosity:

Miguel Tejada – I have enjoyed watching this guy play since he began making a name for himself in Oakland. He is exciting to watch and hopefully will bring that MVP caliber play he is known for to the Astros. I was a bit surprised to find his name in the Mitchell Report, but these allegations will not hinder my support for this new addition.

Kazuo Matsui – After coming from the 2007 National League Championship team, Matsui brings some of the winning “attitude” with him from Colorado. During the streak, this guy was a key player in keeping the Rockies in the game. Although, during the World Series his number sunk a bit, this guy is worth watching. Hopefully he will be healthy to start the season off.

I am not excited about the pitching staff. With Woody Williams on and off the injured reserve list, the only proven and reliable arm on the staff is Roy Oswalt. I enjoy watching Oswalt throw, but I guess the GM isn’t worried about arms this season, only bats. The rooster is bat heavy, hopefully making up for the lack of talent on the pitching staff.

All in all; it looks to be a great season of Major League Baseball. Play ball!

PS: I got Astros tickets for Valentines Day!


nicole said...

Is Atlanta playing Houston in June or July this season?

randman said...

They did clean house. I will miss some of those guys. Some of them were good guys with intregity.

Jeremy Hellums said...

Randman: Thanks for pointing that out...I completely agree with your point; I have to watch other teams now to follow those other guys.

Nicole: If I looked at the schedule right, I think they play at the end of the season with Atlanta in Houston...but I only glanced.

nicole said...

Let's look at the dates and see if they will be feasible. maybe it can be just a boys weekend if it's too late in the season.

I noticed that your Valentine's Day present was less extragant this year. hehe Welcome to married life. LOL