Sunday, March 09, 2008

Excited News and Times in the Hellums Household

Besides being busy all that time, it seems, God decided to throw us a curveball. I try not to make plans, but if and when I do, God shakes them up. Most of you know, we are currently serving as seventh grade boys Sunday school teachers at FBC Pflugerville. We felt God calling us to that area almost a year ago and have been blessed mightily by the students, ministers and many members of the church. The easy and most comfortable thing to do would be stay and enjoy more of this wonderful fellowship, but God has called us somewhere else. After much prayer, Kari and I both feel God calling us to another church. On March 23, 2008, we will be moving to the Well in Austin; there I will serve as the Youth Minister and Media Guy.

Other news: In November of 2007, I took a job with Great American Supplemental Benefits as a Client Service Representative (Customer service). After being with the company four months, I received my first raise and promotion. I am now a Client Services Specialist II. Also, we love our current location, but to make things a little easier on the budget, we have found a considerable cheaper apartment and will be moving to Northwest Austin during April. This will not only save us money in the rent column, but also in the fuel consumption column. I have considered riding my bike to work, but feel I should probably get a little practice in before I do because I might find out that I am too outta shape to actually make it to work on time.

We pray that each of you is doing well. God Bless, and see you next time.


nicole said...

congrats on the promotion. I think it's a wonderful goal to be able to ride your bike to work!! You can do it.

Cassie said...

I am excited that y'all will be at the Well...bummed that it happened right when we are leaving, but still excited for y'all :)

velma said...

I'm glad you'll be at the well =)