Monday, June 16, 2008

Sick of Being Sick: plus more

If I went to a doctor, which I avoid, he might tell me I have a sinus infection, but who knows. I know that at ten o’clock last night, my entire body ached and I was beginning to feel the effects of Tylenol PM (so at least I slept well). I am not going to dwell on this much longer; I just want to say, “I want to feel better because I’m sick of being sick!”

Besides being sick…Friday the boys at Phoenix Films and I had a great time getting some footage for more upcoming short films. My buddy Brandon joined us in our movie-making efforts and he turned up in a couple of the movies. After the shoot, Brandon and I went to the house and completed one film entitled The High Score. The High Score is a short look at what some video gamer’s experience while playing their favorite games. It is guaranteed to bring a few laughs, so check back soon cause it will be hitting Insert Title Here this week. Unable to sleep later that evening, I worked till about two and completed the second film, The IOU, which is due out next week. It is neat to watch the progression of our collaboration; as these newer films seem to be getting better and better. Let us know what you think, drop some comments, if you get a chance.

Saturday I rode with my Pop to Nacogdoches to take some furniture to my little brother. We loaded my dad’s truck down with a bed and dresser and headed east. I had never been to Nacogdoches before, so I was excited about the trip. After about four hours on the rode, we found Matt’s house and delivered the furniture. Matt was glad to see us and had been waiting to eat, so we found a local Chinese buffet to “chow down” at. We enjoyed good food and conversation. Matt offered to give us a driving tour of the Stephen F. Austin State University campus, so he got behind the wheel and gave us a great tour. The campus is nestled among the tall pine trees and almost every plant is green (minus the flower blooms). Several of the towers on campus were round and seemed to be in competition with the pine tree; I think both are looking for bragging rights. Matt pointed out many of the buildings by name and which buildings he had the majority of his classes in. He showed off the football, soccer fields and historically sites.

On one of the historical sites, the Shay Locomotive No. 2005 can be found, which was used primarily for moving huge pine trees to the mill and dates back to 1907. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the unique motor described in the historical marker, but on the other side of this train, it looks nothing like a normal train. Since I am not to mechanically inclined, I won't attempt to describe what I saw, so google Shay Locomotive sometime. It was neat to look at that bit of history and imagine the huge trees that were pulled on this machine to a mill in order to be made into lumber.

Pop and I headed home and arrived back in Cedar Creek around 8:00pm. It was a long day, but well worth the time.

Sunday, Dad and Donna joined Kari and I for Father’s Day at the Well. We celebrated the day by eating lunch at Furr’s Family Dining (one of my favorite “all you can eat” spots, not to mention, my dad’s too!). We had a feast and walked it off at a store of dad’s choosing. It was a great time! Later that afternoon, we joined Keith, Staci and Kamdyn for Phoenix Church and dinner. We enjoyed a time of worship, praise and teaching with the folks at Phoenix. It was wonderful blessing to a great and busy weekend!

Well, this turned out longer than expect. I hope you survived. Journey Youth Camp starts today at Highland Lakes Encampment…blog to come. Have a blessed day.

Oh, if you get a chance, check out my wife’s most recent post, it’s about my sister in law, Shelbi. You may have seen Shelbi in Scary Stories with Shel; check it out.


Becky said...

hope you get to feeling better- maybe you need some good nurses! take care!

Cassie said...

I feel ya...I had a similar sickness that hung on forever a few weeks ago.

Get well :)