Monday, June 02, 2008

What’s Really Going On?

For the past few weeks my wife has been “vacationing” at the house. Really, I mean she has been organizing, cleaning, decorating and enjoying her time out of school. It was delightful to go home to a prepared meal during lunch time, enjoy a brief moment with the puppies and say “hello,” to my wife. Today vacation ended and summer school began. Kari is taking summer school for the first and last time. Once completing both summer sessions, she will start student teaching at Pflugerville ISD.

On Thursday, we carpooled with my grandparents to La Grange to attend the last Lueders’ graduation. Courtney, one of my first cousins, is the youngest of four, walked the stage on Thursday and is ready to dive into college. Although, still undecided at press time, she is a track star and hopes to continue running in college. Kari and I were able to spend quality time with my family late into the evening.

Friday was spent unloading a buddy’s U-Haul. Moving from the East Coast back to Texas, my friend and his wife will be living a mere 10 minutes from Kari and I. We completed the job rather quickly, but found ourselves in dire need of food. Chuy’s was mentioned and reservations were made at the famous Tex-Mex spot. We were blessed by the Patterson’s company and graciousness.

The weekend took an unexpected turn when we learned that our nephew was being dedicated on Sunday morning. We had planned on visiting with Kari’s father on Saturday and than returning home late that evening, but it was important that we be in attendance for the ceremony on Sunday. We enjoyed good food, fellowship and were apart of making a commitment to be at our nephew’s side as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (in addition to being super an uncle!) encouraging him and loving him in such a way that reflects Christ.

In other news…I have several new movies to post. Crown and Phoenix films have completed a total of seven short films, but due to lack of internet connection (which we intend to remedy today) these new films have not been posted. One of my favorites, featuring my buddy David, is entitled TV News should be hitting the blog sometime soon!

Comments are always welcome and don’t forget to have a Blessed week. God Bless.

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Becky Thurman said...

had fun on sunday- see yall on saturday! have a good week!