Thursday, July 03, 2008

Are You Aware?

I have been missing so much not recognizing your touch
Make me aware, make me aware
Help me see that everything I am is not all about me
Take my world turn it around so that the obvious can finally be found
Make me aware, make me aware
Salvador’s new title track Aware is a breath of fresh air and a reminder to Christian’s that our daily prayer should be “make me aware.” God is moving daily and this song reminds me that we should not be worried about our own personal gain, praise or desires because it’s not all about you or me.

It also reminds me of a father and a little boy in an electronics store. The little boy had found something on the shelf and wanted to share it with his father. The father was deeply engrossed by the latest DVD release by Robert Rodriguez. The little boy pleaded with his father to look his direction, but he would not turn his head. Finally the little boy gave up and played by himself on a different aisle. The father never gave his son a response, but carried on looking at the latest DVD release.

Thankfully, our Father does not ignore, turn his head or deny his children when we call on his name. More often than not, we are ignoring Him with our “busy” lives, internet, TV, shopping, you name it, we put God on hold. That’s why we should wake up every morning and ask God to “make us aware,” and put our focus on Him daily.

I hope these lyrics touched you as deeply as they did me. Check out Salvador’s new album Aware. God Bless you.

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