Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Official YEC Review from Insert Title Here

The 40th annual Youth Evangelism Conference might have been one of the best yet. I can remember years past some seemed to have dragged on, or maybe the speaker was great for the leaders, but over the kids heads; this year was a good showcase of talent that effectively reached the students and adults.

Friday: This year I was blessed to take two students from the Well on our first road trip. We headed for Dallas about 12:30ish from North Austin with Crestview Baptist Church. After spending about 45 minutes on Rundberg in Austin attempting to pick up a student (we got lost), we were finally on the way to Garland. This year the event was moved from Reunion Arena to the Special Events Center in North Texas, I think it made the event cozier.

The speakers spoke God’s word and communicated to the students and adults effectively. For me though, Delirious? stole the show. Those guys were and are amazing. This was the first time I had heard them live and after that performance I would listen to them scratch a chalk board with amazing lyrics, if they choose to record such. I highly encourage you to check out Delirious?.

We were blessed by a local church and got to sleep in their pews. I started out on the pew, but couldn’t take it, so I ended up on the floor. Not only did they let us crash in the church, we woke up to homemade breakfast tacos! It was some good eats.

Saturday: The Skit Guys took the stage for about 30 minutes. This was non-stop laughter for me. Those guys made the crowd laugh to tears and than add a spiritual message on the end giving all the glory to God. You have seen the Skit Guys on my page before; remember the Mother’s Day video…so yep, I enjoy their work. Stellar Kart closed the conference with some rockin’ tunes. I had not heard them before, but enjoyed listening to their stage banter and genuine love for God conveyed to the students. It was a great time.

I hope each of you have a great day…the Fourth is coming up, can you believe its July…Get ready for some fireworks. God Bless.

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velma said...

awesome - I'm glad you are working with our youths =) I think its going to be an amazing experience and I can't wait to see what God has planned for this... I'm also jealous because I would have loved to have seen Delirious? ah, another day I guess!